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Tolu Agbelusi



“Tolu Agbelusi is a Performance Poet with a commanding, heart-felt voice that doesn’t shy away from discussing difficult matters. The candour of her positive message sets her apart, and currently has her making waves, on the London performance scene”.


"She goes by the name of Poetic Echos and mark my words ladies and gentlemen, she is going to be in the history books that will educate our children for she is simply sensational." Kevine J Francis

"A riveting performance capturing the essence/reality of a young black woman's life journey." Hayley and Kenny re Word4Word feature.

"Inspirational! Uses words to tell a story and demonstrates an ability to draw the audience into the world of her story." Iphie Modu

"The Journey to who I am' poem is a work of art, a gift from God and a true reminder that we should all try and see ourselves through God's eyes. You are an inspiration." L. W

"Your word4word feature was awesome. you spoke in a way that connected with so many people. You must do a collection of your work. I'll buy it." Maureen

"Tolu's confidence in performing her work produces a natural humour as well as pain/pathos. She has a wonderful grasp of language and conveys imagery, effortlessly." Leah at Petersfield Write Angle











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