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Here's your chance to write and let us know what you think about Write Angle and we'll post it on this new page. We're open to suggestions, ideas, as well as comment. After all, this is Your evening and we want to make it as good as we can - so please feel free to write whatever you'd like! (yes, we accept criticism too - but please let us know you're ok with us printing it)!


Dear Jake and Leah

wow, thank-you both SO MUCH for everything you did to make my gig and stay in Petersfield such a success!

I had no idea how it would be, but found the evening to be so warm and friendly and welcoming, a real credit to how you work!

Such a pleasure, and I am very grateful for your kind hospitality.

Wishing you all the best for the festive doodah :-)


  Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for the very warm welcome and the opportunity to share. It was an enjoyable and very interesting evening, I thought Greg was a very accomplished and naturally gifted singer songwriter. It was interesting to hear other people’s work. What a great website you have!



Hello, delighted to see you have Attila on, and unless I get a drumming gig on that date ( nothing in the diary yet), I'll definately be there.
Attila was an active participant for years along with me, with Climate Camp, the nationwide climate activist organisation: we opposed the use and renewal of coal-fired power stations, additional airport runways, companies and banks investing in environmentally harmful developments like mining, oil-tar sand extraction, fracking, etc-- and also acted to support companies developing improved alternative power technologies and ethical investment....
We in turn supported Attila's own little music- and- beer& cider festival, "Glastonwick", held near hamlet of Wick in the downs north of Lancing, Sussex, working as crowd stewards and environmental cleanup crew.
It'll be great to see him again.
As to agreeing with his political ideas:-- if people don't support them, then they're probably not paying close enough attention to the real world around them! I am currently on the West coast of BC, Canada. Will be back home in a few days, see you soon!

    Thanks for having me last night and it was great to see the range in the open mic. Rob too was great - some of those rhymes were atrociously good! There was a great sense of warmth in the room, which is a tribute to the hosting.
    Love putting write angle on my diary.Always fun.Charming hosts.Great guests.Lovely evenings.LESLEY PRIOR
    What a lovely evening! I enjoyed all of the poetry.How could anyone leave before the end? Greg Harper is such a fantastic performer please be sure to invite him again soon. Good luck with the move. See you next month. PHYLLIDA CARR

Hi Leah,
Great night last night ~ thank you both! Our friend .... came for the first time and would like to be on the mailing list too.


Leah, a great night last night and a great-great new venue. Hope I don't leave it so long to visit again.  Slan


    An enjoyable evening. Thanks to both of you. Met some nice interesting folk. Look forward to the next one if I can make it COLIN JEFFERY
  Just to say many many thanks for having me on at Write Angle. I really enjoyed the evening, there was a lovely atmosphere and some fantastic open-mikers. JUSTIN COE  

I took Peter to the Seven Fish restaurant in Midhurst, by way of celebrating His Birthday. Thank you for introducing us to this fabulous place. We will definitely go there again and are telling our friends all about it and telling them that they must book up straight away. PHYLLIDA CARR (Raffle Winner)


[About Mab Jones] She is REALLY GOOD!



Did you enjoy yourself last night? 'I loved Spliff Richards. Powerful stuff he spouted'.



Hey Leah, Thank you so much for last night. You guys have a really special thing going and everyone was lovely on and off stage. Felt very welcome. Also way better paycheck than I'm used to. Don't you guys tae anything for your trouble? All the best.

Response. Thanks so much for your text . You were really great and the audience loved you. As far as the money, we don't take anything more than for posters and things we need for the next month. We've been doing this for 8 years now and we do it for 'the sake of art'. Either that, or we're stupid. You decide!


Just wanted to say what a great evening it was on Tuesday - we both thoroughly enjoyed it and Ash Dickinson was a great entertainer. We're enjoying his book now.


Brendan Cleary was fantastic! Best performer you've had. His poems are so unself-conscious and deceptively simple and I like the spirit in which he says them: like, you know, it's all a big laugh isn't it? And yet it's all so serious but hey ... CHRIS SPARKES



Thanks again for a great night and lets do it again sooner rather than later. I will get in touch with news and maybe plan a date for the future. Best regards,


Thank you so much for a lovely evening! What a crowd.
I really enjoyed Attila's performance. He is such an amazing performer.
I was sorry not to be able to fully appreciate all the delicious food, but you will have to blame your kind friends at Fez (the reaffle prize sponsor) for feeding so well at lunch time.




'Back home I just made a jet-lagged gig for Write Angle in Petersfield, one I’d recommend. I woke up in the second half after half the audience had gone to bed.'


  I thought Steve Pottinger was absolutely brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyable and I do hope he returns at some point.

My thanks to Leah and Jake - fantastic promoters - every turn of a Petersfield street seemed to assault me with the acquired taste of my face advertising the show, and also splashed across the local press - and
terrific hosts. A great night with a great vibe, a strong open mic and a strong mic at that. I hope you will go strong for a long time to come, and that you will consider inviting me back at some future date. If I'm anywhere near-by I will certainly pop along just to perform a poem and say hi. You're doing wonderul work :)
. All the best.


Lovely to see you yesterday. LOVED the poems!

GEOFFREY MATTHEWS, (Secretary, Chelsea Arts Club)


Thanks to all at Pfld Write Angle for the interesting programme last night. .... I loved Maggie Harris' performance - such a lot of talent. I was very nervous of reading my 'Hospital Clock' as I have never been to an open mic thing before but everyone was very kind. Still can't believe I did it!


All the best to you and Lea .... you do a grand job and your evenings are so lively, fun and invigorating.
  Thank you for hosting me at your wonderful night. What a lovely community and atmosphere you have cultivated there! Love and solidarity,

It was an amazing evening on Tuesday and John Hegley is an absolute star.  Wonderful to see so many people there enjoying themselves and also to see the new additions!  Long may it continue!



"Hello there!
I had a *brilliant* time in (ye olde) Petersfield!! It was a delight, made all the more so by your funny, quirky, clever self of course...! Really great to meet you, my thanks again to you and Jake for your friendliness and hospitality. You are a pair of sweethearts! Mab x"




Thank you for such a great evening. I think audi maserati was amazingly wonderful. Please book him again!


"I really enjoyed my Petersfield trip recently and will come again when my diary allows. There was a real buzz about the evening - great atmosphere."

"Just a note to thank you for inviting me down to perform at Write Angle. I very much enjoyed it and if there is an oppotunity, I'd love to make a return visit.." MARK NIEL



Just want to say the event with The Speechpainter and Steve Tasane was absolutely brilliant, congrats on organizing.. 



"I'm always happy to come back whenever you need me - I'm glad you're so booked up and packed out each month."


  What a fabulous evening, what a splendid pub and grub, what a great venue, wonderful atmosphere, appreciative audience and terrific music - and, of course, what marvelous hosts.  Thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of it.  Hylda Syms and Kevin were the perfect partners.... ANGELA KIRBY

"Hi Leah. Just to say had a great time last night. took me another 3 hours to get home but it was worth it. good luck to you & Jake with next years' gigs...and 2011... "



It was a great night last night  - we so enjoyed Ash's performance; what a clever and gifted young man. ..... I hope you'll be able to get him back sometime. JACKIE WINSOR


It was another superb evening and a privilege to have been there



Hi Leah,
... no idea what I was coming to ..... enjoyed the evening...was very inspired. .. I'm nowhere in the league of those guys but ... "what the heck!" It's not about that, I love writing / performing.., unless I can practise somewhere .... what's the point?!
.. thanks very much for affording me this opportunity.
I really look forward to next time (18th October), I don't know why it inspires me so much - i think possibly a lack of attention and appreciation as a girl probably! I was sent to boarding school at 7, and I think quite a lot of performers have had rejection at a young age.




Mr Harrold ....... the best poet’s poet I’ve heard in your events.





Both mad ladies really enjoyed the evening and thought it was well worthwhile coming through those sloshy puddles.  Thank you for a really good time.



I have already pencilled the 7th May into diary – yes please!
Thank you both for hosting the event [The Poetry Workshop] – it was great to spend the morning with some like minded people and I even showed my ‘belonging’ piece to the rest of the family (a first – I usually squirrel my writings away). 




...Wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoyed Write Angle last night. That doesn't really cover it though - the whole thing was a revelation: lovely warm welcome, relaxed and skilful compering, and some mesmerising recitals/acts. Truly brilliant, inspiring evening. I only looked in on the off-chance, on my way back from work, and was hooked.



Good night at Write Angle last night. Speech Painter on top form and Steve Tasane set the place on fire loads of other good stuff. Chris Sparks, Big Dave and John Meriton playing really soulful music.....and a packed house .....



".... it is magic and you and Jake create it. Just don't stop and it will get better and better, as will the stairs I trust! Paul was a great choice of poet for the Christmas session."



"Thoroughly enjoyed last night, thanks. Now I know what I've been missing (Tuesdays not always easy nights for me as it's my wife's college night). What a performer Paul is! A born entertainer. I'd rather listen to him than to serious depressed expert of versification, if you know what I mean. Well done for all your hard work and not giving in to the BIG FREEZE. Global warming my arse!"


Very entertaining.....A very good mix - thoroughly enjoyed the evening.



"Thank you for putting on all the food etc last night - it was very good of you both.. ...Tthere will always be an audience trudging through the snow to Write Angle - the reputation's there now .... and the quality of guests in these last 6 months or so has been amazing. Keep up the good work!"



I do appreciate all the encouragement you have given me.  It has spurred me on to produce more work and feel good about it



I'll always come to Write Angle. I've learnt a lot in my time coming over to Petersfield....And i must say a real big thanks to you and Jake for your support.



Enjoyed the review - your description of Adnan was spot on.
One comment: my Flash fiction story was called 'Where are the Lady Fauns' i.e. the little chaps with goat legs as opposed to Fawns - baby deer. Thank you for your kind comment 'talented poet' not sure that I am quite deserving of that yet.




Hello Write Anglers!
Just wanted to share with you that Write Angle - starting from ''07, is on almost the entire page in 'The Petersfield Herald' this week - with photos! 

You might want to pick up a copy if you're in the area! Just check it out. You've all made it the success it now is, for which we owe a great BIG THANKS!!!
love & sunlight
leah x

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  'Thank you... so much for a wonderful evening yesterday. There was a lovely, vibrant atmosphere and a strong sense of community. You have really created something special in Petersfield!' (Patience Agbabi); 'Twas a joy indeed' (Steve Tasae); 'The best I've been to!' (Cliff Oakley); 'I loved it Big Time' (Michael Usuwana); 'It was a very good evening' (Charles); 'Great night on Tuesday' (Nick Molyneux); 'Great night last night; thanks for organising it! That young chap was amazing! - ref to Michael Usuwana; (Jackie Winsor); 'What a wonderful evening. Best ever!' (Phyllida Carr); 'best I've been to. Terrific! One of my students came -first time- and she loved it too' (Chris Sparkes).
  JANUARY 2011 GIG WITH MAB JONES - Audience Feedback:
"Love the courage & creativity. Great guest poet."
"Guest natural, funny. Programme varied & interesting. A wide spectrum of approach. Venue small, cosy; suits what is undertaken."
"Interesting and kept me entertained."
"Excellent: Mab Jones witty, relevant, modern, vibrant. Programme highly enjoyable and motivating."
"Guest interesting, intimate in her reminiscences."

It is to the credit of Jake and Leah that the quality has remained high through the whole four years that Write Angle has been going. ...also to their credit that there have always been  guest poets who have knocked our socks off with their poetry and the skill with which they present their work. I include Pete the Temp  among the best there has been. Everyone has a style of their own and there must always be a platform for all kinds of presentation, both "performance" poetry and the "quiet reader". Its why I keep going and why I enjoy the third Tuesday of every month and its why Write Angle is attracting more and more poets from further afield. - love and peace
audi  maserati ...............................................

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