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Write Angle gives thanks to David Stone, without whom we'd have no videos of our Open Mic and Guest Performers as well as Special Events. He even seems to manage to find time to laugh and enjoy the evenings while holding tight onto the camera!

  Write Angle videos performers at its events and selects suitable clips to display. The aim is to show the range of performances at Write Angle and also to provide examples of performers' work. All postings of videos on Youtube are with the consent of the performer.  




Special Guests and Open Mic
Upstairs at the Square Brewery



  Damian O'Vitch 'Nutrition'    
  Dick Senior 'LearningTo Swim'    
  Jezz Radiohead's 'Don't Leave Me High' & David Bowie's 'The Port of Amsterdam'

  Justin Coe 'Numpty Trump' & 'The Magic Money Tree'    
    'Just About Managing'    
    'Mum Dad'    
    'Far Away Dad'    
    'God For Harry'    
    'Make the Lepers Better'    
  Steve Pottinger 'Last Train Out of Birmingham on a Saturday Night'    
    'You Ask Me Where I Want to Live, My Love'    
    'A Single Step'    
  Susan Richardson 'Fluke'    


For Videos in each of the years click on:

  Aimee Afraid of the Dark April 2010  
    No Sense March 2010  
  Adnam al-Sayegh 'Passage to Exile' September 2013  
    'Drawing' & 'Absence' September 2013  
    'Mass Grave' September 2013  
    Text, Doors & In The Garden Of The Unknown Soldier October 2010  
    Agamemnon  & The Sky in a Helmet October 2010  
  Andrew Graves 'Radford Road' August 2015  
    'Middle-Aged Mod' August 2015  
    'Something Brave & Ridiculous' August 2015  
  Andy Comley 'Until Then' August 2012  
    'Rhyme and Reason' August 2012  
  Afric McGlinchey 'White Sky' November 2013  
    'No Need' November 2013  
    'Dessert' November 2013  
    'Walls' November 2013  
  AF Harrold 'Heaven' & 'The Remembrance'  March 2015  
    'The Mortal Zodiac'  March 2015  
    'Ups & Downs', 'Submarine', 'The Licence', 'Journalism' March 2015  
    Very Small Donkey, Old Money & On Not Being Aegeus April 2011  
    'Troll's Song',  Poem Too Sweet' & 'Goldilocks and The Three Wise Bears' April 2011  
  Angela Kirby 'Midwinter Armistice',   'Taxi Dreaming',  'Dear Traitor' & 'Your Letter' May 2011  
  Anna May Laugher 'Egyptian Child's Coat', 'Tow', 'Cloche' and 'The Significance of Cotton' July 2011  
    Trove & Shore and Blue Furrow June 2010  
    Pecten Revolution February 2010  
    Bold As Brass August 2009  
    Floorboards August 2009  
  Anthony Fairweather 'Inspiration' August 2013  
    'If' August 2013  
    'Golfin Dolphin' August 2013  
    'Files' August 2013  
    'Television: An Obituary' & 'Hirsty's Song' March 2011  
    ''Writer's Block' & 'Universal Cure' January 2011  
    The Fitness Class January 2010  
  Armando Halpern Giordano Bruno's Journey to London July 2009  
  Ash Dickinson 'Breakwater' January 2013  
    'One Week at Sea' January 2013  
    'The Boy Who Only Ate Butter' January 2013  
    The Disposable Lifestyle January 2013  
    Nose Candy September 2011  
    'Recast Away' September 2011  
  Attila the Stockbroker  'A Sting In The Tail' November 2015  
    'Joseph Porter's Sleeping Bag'  November 2015  
    'Poison Pensioner' December 2014  
    'Looters' December 2014  
    'Auntie Rose' December 2014  
    '100th Anniversity of WW1' December 2014  
    'Every Time I Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think Of You'  February 2013  
    'Missionaries' February 2013  
    'Frogspawn Man Versus Boy Racers' February 2013  
    'Never Too Late' February 2013  
  r A Nasal Appraisal December 2009  
  Libyan Students from Hell December 2009  
    The Long Goodbye December 2009  
  audi maserati The Overture: The Climb; The Beach; Day April 2015  
    'Dreamt Fish' with Chris Sangster as Ensemble Occasionnel April 2014  
    'Hi Honey I'm Home' January 2014  
    'Three Covers' December 2013  
    'The Elegant Rachman Ritz' October 2013  
    'How to get a Good Grip on A Ginger Cat' November 2012  
    'We're All Going To San Francisco' July 2012  
    'Ordinary Day' July 2012  
    Dan Dare's Best Chat-Up Line
Truth is Butter
The Buzz of Being
The Ballad of Stan and Rosie
Leonard Cohen's Llittle Green Plastic Plectrum
April 2012  
    Psychedelic Celia October 2010  
    Day September 2010  
    The Lazy Cowboy August 2010  
    Toby Tall as Two Sheds & Beach August 2010  
  with the Dog Trio (!) Go Crazy August 2010  
    The Aviator And The Outlaw, Charlotte Beloved By All, Almost There June 2010  
    Smell April 2010  
    Have You Ever Wanted To Go Wild? December 2009  
    Thinking About Jane September 2009  
    It don't get better than this September 2009  
    You Can Fly January 2009  
  Barry Smith 'Bosham Harbour' March 2016  
    'Bath Comforts' October 2015  
    'The Last Jew in Vinnitsa' July 2015  
    'Off Your Trolley' February 2015  
    'End Game' November 2014  
    'Eternal Riff' April 2014  
    'Broken Glass' November 2012  
    'Show Time' August 2012  
    'Strictly X Factor - The Return of Dirty Den' June 2012  
  Bill Don 'We Didn't Have That Green Thing' January 2013  
    'Rules for Drivers' & 'Wok for Walk' February 2012  
  Bill Woods 'Black Horse Christmas 2010' &
'Miss Craig's B&B, Glasgow Road, Perth'
February 2011  
    Canadian Rail October 2010  
  Brassneck Sensitive But A Bit Of A 'Rong 'Un January 2010  
    Depression Is A Young Person's Art Form January 2010  
  Brendan Cleary 'Kylie Be Mine, Andy, Ringing Pete' July 2016  
    'Brightonia, Poem for R, Ringing Pete, Knowledge' July 2016  
    'Gift, Pucks Lane, Last Christmas, Number 55' July 2016  
    'Planet Steve' October 2014  
    'Unhappy Hour' & 'Poteen' October 2014  
    'February Afternoon', 'Breakfast With Face' & 'The Amblehurst' October 2014  
    'It's Our Dance', 'Lincoln', 'Tomatoes' & 'At The Track'  October 2014  
  Brendan O'Connor 'The Charlatans' May 2015  
  Brian Clarke 'Remembrance' October 2014  
  Brian Evans Jones Teeth February 2011  
  Bruce Parry 'A Day Out with Garmin the Sat Nav' April 2015  
    'Mr & Mrs Insular' February 2015  
    'New York Retrospective' December 2014  
  The Bundell Brothers 'Britanicus' July 2014  
    'Clewers Hill' July 2014  
    'I Loved Her Too Much' July 2014  
    'Wandering Jack' July 2014  
  Cam Brown 'Christopher Colombo' April 2016  
    'She Left Me For Jesus' April 2016  
    'Lets Do It'  April 2016  
    'On Again On Again' April 2016  
    'The Hermit' June 2014  
    'Sister Josephine' June 2014  
    'The Demon Drink' June 2014  
    'Tights of White Satin' June 2014  
  Caroline Blackburn Nip and Tuck May 2010  
  Carrie Carrie 'Chioscuro On The Bus'  January 2016  
  Catz Stevens Bookworm Interrupted July 2009  
  Cecilia Woloch Lethe July 2010  
    Postcard to Myself from the Lower Carpathians, Spring July 2010  
    Why I Believed, as a Child, That People Had Sex in Bathrooms July 2010  
  Chloe Lockyer 'Take a Bite' & 'Green Eyes and a Castaway' February 2012  


  Chris Sangster 'Every Little Thing' August 2016  
    'Goodbye Love' June 2015  
    'Guardian Angels' April 2015  
    'The Widower' February 2015  
    ''Prize Meal at India Gate' November 2014  
    'Dreamt Fish' with audi maserati in Ensemble Occasionnel April 2014  
    'I'm Tired' February 2013  
    'Don't Mistake the Weather for the Sky' June 2012  
    'Flame for Peace' & 'Titanic' March 2012  
    'Mad Mary' February 2012  
    'Squirrel Nutcase'

December 2011

    'She' & 'The Mystery Letter' January 2011  
    The Energy of Alba October 2010  
    Prize Winning Poem August 2010  
    Ring of Brodgar & Waking Up At Stanness June 2010  
  Chris Sparkes 'Strong Hooch' October 2014  
    'William Tyndale' October 2012  
    'The Wedding of the Russian Scarecrows in Sussex' August 2012  
    'Sign Language' July 2012  
    'A Garret Poet Inspects His Frigidaire' May 2012  

'Dear Homer' & 'Screaming Hands'

February 2012  
  Christina Casey 'Modern Love' December 2012  
  Colin Eveleigh 'Shall We Dance' August 2016  
    'A Brush With Life' March 2016  
    'Beautiful Bird' February 2016  
    'The Queen's Paper Boy' October 2015  
    'Missing Man' & 'Seaside Dips, English Summer' August 2015  
  Damian O'Vitch 'Nutrition' January 2018  
  Danielle Hope 'Providing' October 2011  
    'Arrival' & 'My Muse' October 2011  
    'Mrs Uomo Books Her Hospital Appointment On Line' October 2011  
  Dan Simpson 'Where I Came From' October 2015  
    'Post Modern Post Office' October 2015  
    'Big Poem' October 2015  
    'Open Beta' & Epistemology' October 2015  
  Dave Allen 'Bond Like Beach' October 2013  
    'Combover' & 'Tickertape' March 2013  
    'Yo Yo' March 2013  
  David Knight 'Wasting Time' December 2013  
    'David' & 'From the Perspective of the Frig' October 2011  
    'Multi-Story' August 2011  
    'IQ Haiku' & 'The Tooth, The Whole Tooth and Nothing But The Gums' February 2011  
    The Poet Out Of The Sink June 2010  
    Deep Clean Sleep May 2010  
    Senseless, Sex Education, Cakes, The Enemy Within September 2009  
  David Roberts 'Black Swan' April 2016  
  Dick Senior 'Learning To Swim' February 2018  
  The Disparate Housewives The Hothouse Gig October 2008  
  Doc Stenson 'The Wicklow Boy' and 'John Stenson's Reel' June 2014  
    'Midnight Express' June 2014  
    'Down By The Riverside' June 2014  
  Dominic Berry 'Tea' February 2016  
    'Oh! Aubergine'  February 2016  
  as Dommy B 'Dragon in My Homework' February 2016  
    'Tomorrow I Will Go Dancing' April 2012  
    Solid With Stardust' April 2012  
    'I'm Coming Out As A Vegan' April 2012  
  with Ben Jewell From 'WIZARD'
'Ursula The Kettle' & 'Playing Mortal Kombat'
April 2012  
  Elspeth Spottiswood

Darkness and Light May 2010  
  Ensemble Occasionnel 'Dreamt Fish' April 2014  
  Erfan Daliri "He Was Only Ten" October 2014  
  Felicity Kay 'Walking With Keats' November 2012  
  Gareth Toms 'Cycling Takes The Mute Out Of Commuting'  April 2014  
    'To A Certain Estate Agent' February 2013  
    Earned Cake September 2010  
    My Father August 2010  
  George Marsh Death Poem October 2010  
  Gill Learner Ties', 'Vaguely Vogue', 'Red Shoes' and 'Street-Wise' July 2011  
  Gilly - David Gilligan 'Reflections On A Photograph Dated 1917' February 2014  
  Greg Harper 'Alone' March 2016  
    ''Bricks & Dust' March 2016  
    'Cool Clear Water' March 2016  
    'Gossamer Wings' March 2016  
    'Birdsong' March 2013  
    'Cuckmere Shore' March 2013  
    'Gibbet Wood' March 2013  
    'Highdown Hill' March 2013  

All Gone

July 2010  
    Capel-le-Ferne July 2010  
  Hannah Chutzpah 'Could I Have Some of That Too?' June 2016  
    'Necrokitty Comic Sans' June 2016  
    'Safety Scissors' June 2016  
  Hannah Rose Tristram 'Fickle' November 2012  
    'Aj Izniknami Badem Drvo' November 2012  
    'Harbinger' November 2012  
    'Oh the Snow it Melts the Soonest' November 2012  
  Harry Haines 'The Door' & 'Still on Their Easy Breath' October 2011  
    'The Beginning' & 'Impressions Late Evening' October 2011  
    'Portsmouth Harbour' & 'Poem to be Read in a Pub' October 2011  
  Helen Whitten 'Anthology' October 2014  
  Hylda Sims 'Cracker' October 2016  
    'The Bearable Oddness of Being' October 2016  
    'Midnight Express' June 2014  
    'Down By The Riverside' June 2014  
    'Skins' March 2014  
    'Summer's Gone' (performed by LiTTLe MACHiNe) March 2014  
     'On Not Writing My Novel',  'Lassitude', 'I'm Coasting Into Peckham' & 'Amalia Rodrigues' May 2011  
     'Waterloo Rose' May 2011  
    The Ballad of William James August 2009  
  Ivor Bundell 'Where Lies Randall?' April 2013  
    'Jack's Lament' January 2013  
    'The Cat's Tale' January 2013  
    'Johnson Blues' September 2012  
    'There's A Great Big Hole....'  July 2012  
  Jack Dean 'Dysphasia' June 2013  
    'Stairsteps' June 2013  
    'Selly Oak' January 2012  
    'For a Minute' January 2012  
    'Allen Ginsberg Breathing Exercise Part 1' January 2012  
    'I Once Knew A Girl Called Poetry January 2012  
  Jack Warshaw 'Pastures of Plenty' September 2014  
    'Wild Bill Jones' September 2014  
    'United 93' October 2011  
  Jacqui Redway 'The Saga Of The Sonic Chicks' December 2010  
    'I wish I'd Written that Poem'
'Where are The Lady Fauns?
October 2010  
    Playground & Catching Up with TheBirds September 2010  
  Jake 'Grand Tour With Smelly Feet' August 2106  
    'Blank Verse at a Seminar in Frankfurt' December 2015  
    'The Producers' (Excerpt) March 2015  
    That's My Girl' January 2015  
    'Typhoons & Hurricanes' March 2013  
    The Fort in the Port, Secret Love, Judgement of Paris, No Surprises November 2009  
    Warts & All and The Chicken Shed September 2009  
  Janet Turner 'A Fond Farewell'  July 2015  
  JeanAnne Naumczyk 'It's My Time' August 2016  
    'Fun In Sherwood' May 2016  
    'Child's Lament' February 2011  
    Too Much M&B September 2010  
    A Romantic Mechanic and Old! Who's Old? September 2009  
  Jean Jeffery Sunday In May June 2010  
  Jenny Lewis 'Read Our Footprints' July 2015  
  Jezz Radiohead's 'Don't Leave Me High' & David Bowie's 'The Port of Amsterdam'

April 2018  
    'Tangled Up In Blue' November 2011  
  Jezz & Matt 'Sweet Virginia' January 2012  
    'The Port Of Amsterdam' January 2012  
    'St Robinson in his Cadillac Dream' December 2011  
    'Melody' December 2011  
  Jilly Funnell 'On Again, On Again'    
    'Red Shoes' August 2016  
    'Jimmy on a Cloud' May 2016  
    'The Pensive Partner of the Poet' June 2013  
    'I've Got a House Like Miss Marple's House' April 2013  
    'The Encouraging Tale of a Lonely Heart' April 2013  
    February 2013  
    'Now You are Divorced from Your Third Wife' June 2012  
    'Blue Very Blue' May 2012  
    'Feather' May 2012  
  Jimmy Lee 'Hard Man' October 2016  
    'Written in the Sand' October 2016  
    'Lucy Cartwright' November 2013  
  Joelle Taylor 'Last Poet Standing' September 2016  
    'Crystal Kisses' September 2016  
    'Everything You Have Ever Lost' September 2016  
    'The Children' September 2016  
  John De Prey The Delhi Poems February 2010  
  John Gleadall  'Ginger Eyes' May 2015  
  John Haynes 'The  Ballad of the Petrol Queue' May 2016  
  John Meriton 'Little Dylan' August 2015  
    'This is a Place' August 2015  
  with audi maserati 'The Elegant Rachman Ritz' October 2013  
    'It Seems Like Yesterday' November 2011  
    'The Ballard of Colin Loader' & 'Yesterday' February 2011  
    Winter Song January 2011  
    'Coney island' and 'Sweet Sara Wine    
    It Wasn't So  &  You Might Find Love October 2010  
    The Line April 2010  
    Canadian Spring April 2010  
    The Emsworth Glue and Only Love Remains August 2009  
  John Smith 'Plagiarism' December 2013  
    'A Musical Journey' August 2012  
    Nostradamus' July 2012  
    'Not a Rant, Just Slightly Annoyed' May 2012   
    'Third Tuesday' April 2012  
    'A Brief History of Football' September 2011  
    The Lollipop Lady July 2010  
    Sports Monologue March 2010  
    Second Performance July 2009  
  Jood 'All Very Well'  June 2016  
    'Well I Never' March 2016  
    'Mountain Top Music' March 2016  
  JPF Goodman 'Living Near An Airport' April 2014  
  Justin Coe 'Numpty Trump' & 'The Magic Money Tree' January 2018  
    'Just About Managing' January 2018  
    'Mum Dad' January 2018  
    'Far Away Dad' January 2018  
    'God For Harry' January 2017  
    'Make the Lepers Better' January 2017  
    'Summer Job' January 2016  
    'Baby of Mine'  January 2016  
    'Push' January 2016  
  Kate Tym We Women, He is  Veg Patch & We Share September 2010  
    Bathtime, The Oldest One & This Girls' World September 2010  
    Sunday Morning TV September 2010  
  Kensington & Chelsea Mental Health Carers Open Mic following Poetry Workshop July 2012  
  Kirsty Kirkwood Then I Met Me January 2011  
  Krystyna Jankowska 'Luka' August 2011  
    'Kalinka' August 2011  
  Laura Jenkinson 'I Think I'm Achilles' November 2012  
    'The New Merchants Tale' August 2012  
  Leah 'Instinct' 'It's Time We Met' & 'My Memory Foam Pillow' January 2018  
    'Memory Foam Pillow' February 2015  
    'Twas The Night Before Christmas..... December 2014  
    'How Not To Relax' & 'Mind Your Ps and Qs' July 2014  
    'Possimist' February 2014  
    'Carphone Warehouse' October 2013  
    'Perfect Timing' & 'The Beginning of My Divorce' March 2013  
    'Old Fool's Gold' August 2011  
    'Head On A Block' & 'The Errant Husband' February 2011  

Poems for Children February 2010  
    Dedicated to Philip Larkin January 2010  
    How Not To Relax January 2010  
    Poet Heaven January 2010  
    Flesh and Bones, Division, In My Search & Duelogue October 2009  
    Anybody Know Someone Like This? September 2009  
    Email Queen March 2008  
  Lee Gould Weeds September 2010  
    Ladies' Fingers September 2010  
    Celestial September 2010  
  Lesley Saunders 'Parachute Dress', 'Night Shirt', 'The New Look' and 'Nymph' July 2011  
  Liam Mulligan I Need to Peee August 2010  
  LiTTLe MACHiNe 'Fear No More' March 2014  
    ''Madam Life's A Piece Of Bloom' March 2014  
    'This Be Verse' March 2014  
    'Summer's Gone' March 2014  
  Liz Bentley 'Thank You Universe' & 'Aunt Margaret' February 2011  
  Liz Verlander 'To Kelley' June2016  
    'What I Would Say To My 20 Year Old Self' April 2016  
  Lucy English 'The Company of Poets' February 2015  
    'Ghost In Clapham'   February 2015  
    'Let Me Be'  February 2015  
    'Winter Poem'  February 2015  
  Lysander White 'Mocking Birds' December 2013  
    'White Lies' August 2012  
    'Heroine' May 2012  
  Mab Jones 'Lover' July 2015  
    'Page 3 Girl'   July 2015  
    Millionaire' July 2015  
    'The Man Who Loved Goats Too Much' July 2015  
    'I Am Born', 'Three Coats' & 'Working Class Heaven August 2012  
    'Middle Class Poets' & 'I am a Comic Poet' August 2012  
    'The End'  August 2012  
    Pentwyn'  & 'Angharad' January 2011  
    'Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs'' &
'I wish I'd Looked After Me Tits'
January 2011  
    'Working Class Heaven' & 'Working Class Hell' January 2011  
  Maggie Harris 'Alphabet Shanty' August 2014  
    'I am a Guyanan Woman' August 2014  
    'Through Blue Eyes to Mali' August 2014  
    'Tourist Market' August 2014  
  Maria Hewitt  'Rain' & 'Weather (The Umbrella)' March 2013  
  Marc Carver 'Reading Poetry' May 2012  
  Mark Cassidy 'Scaling The Heights' & '45rpm' April 2014  
    'Estuary English' & 'Disappearing Act' February 2013  
    'For The Record'  'Keeper of The Keys & Mrs Zhivago Irons (Home Movie)' March 2011  
  Mark Niel 'My Half of the Frig' April 2013  
    'If' April 2013  
    'Jigsaw Man' April 2013  
    My Name is Mark NIEL November 2010  
    First Kiss November 2010  
    A Night At Write Angle November 2010  
  Martin Myers Elspeth-Adam... Adam-Elspeth' July 2015  
  Mataio Austin Dean 'When the Sky is Broken The Sun Can Come Through' December 2012  
   Matt West 'Anamatics' September 2012  
  Michael Scott Boyd Stepping Into Yourself  January 2011  
  Michael Sherman 'Who Are You?' November 2013  
    'My Street' November 2013  
    'The River Arun at Midnight' & 'A Million Starlings' March 2013  
    'Switched Off' December 2012  
    'Last Supper For One'' May 2012  
    'Dear John' February 2011  
    'Saved By Science' October 2011  
    'Taking The Gun' August 2011  
  Michael Usuwana Three Instant Poems June 2013  
    'Cynthia' May 2013  
    'Andrew' April 2013  
    'Heart Ache' April 2013  
  Mick Hilton 'Lake Island of Innisfree' June 2012  
    'Vinzan Street' June 2012  
  Mike Knee 'Prospect Lane' November 2012  
    Two Sets To Love August 2010  
    Autumn Leaves December 2009  
  Mini Maseratis Three Rounds and a Sound August 2010  
  Nick Eisen 'DIY' December 2015  
  Nick Molyneux 'To Make You Feel My Love' October 2011  
  Paddy Brady 'I Loved The Ground She Walked Upon' April 2016  
    'Grace' June 2014  
  Patience Agbabi 'The Wife of Bafa'  July 2013  
    'The Prioress' Tale' July 2013  
    'The Tale of Melibee'  July 2013  
  Paul Lyalls 'The Cult of Relationships'> December 2015  
    'Only at the Movies' October 2012  
    Anatomy of A Bookshop & Byronic Soul December 2010  
    'My Mate Darren' & 'The Value of Wales' December 2010  
  Peter Dixon Sharon June 2009  
  Peter Farr 'Necropolis and The Nails of My Grave' & 'African Bandit' December 2012  
  Pete The Temp 'You Rely On Me' August 2011  
    'Thank You So much For Your Support' August 2011  
    'The Man' August 2011  
  Peter Wyton 'The Lookout',  'The Convert's First Prayer At Cashel'
and 'The Key'
June 2011  
    I'm Under the Stairs', 'Dad's Taxi Service'
and 'Magnolia Is For Officers Only'
June 2011  
    Swiss Army Wife & Night Roost July 2009  
  Philippa Berry Sooner or Later January 2010  
    The District of the Lakes January 2010  
    Roller-coaster January 2010  
  Phyllida Carr Prison Poems August 2012  
  Project Adorno 'Blackeyes' November 2016  
    'Hammersmith Bridge' November 2016  
    'Razoxane' November 2016  
    'Hide & Seek' November 2016  
    'Famous Last Words' November 2016  
  Rachel Pantechnicon 'Being a Teenybopper' December 2011  
    'Four Magnolia Walls' December 2011  
    Elf Shelf February 2008  
  Rachel Turner 'The Changeling' & 'The Hero of Hardai' January 2012  
  Ray Antrobus 'My Poems Don't Understand Me' March 2012  
    'On Being a Sober Guy at a House Party' March 2012  
    'A Conversation With Grandma' March 2012  
    'Sometimes Conversation is a Hard Act to Follow' March 2012  
  Ray Owen 'Glorious Living' November 2012  
    'Only When You Know' November 2012  
  Richard Hawtree 'April' April 2016  
    'Sonnet to Orpheus' November 2014  
    'At the Burning of Sappho's Poems, AD 1073' October 2014  
  Richard Peirce 'Wabi Sabi' May 2015  
    'Palawan' & 'Ashes' February 2013  
    'Leaving' & 'El Nido' June 2012  
    'The Wall' and 'Orthoptera'' August 2011  
  Richard Staplehurst Dirty Generation May 2010  
    Known Unto God May 2010  
  Richard Tyrone Jones 'Advice You Never Asked For' October 2013  
    'Security Marker' October 2013  
    'Strip Away' October 2013  
    'Geological Childhood' October 2013  
    'Rematch' & 'Uncle's Advice' May 2012  
    'Unborn Children, & 'Visiting Time' May 2012  
    Wheel Clamper', 'Echo' & 'Heart Stopper'  May 2012  
  Rhian Edwards Cradle September 2009  
  Rob Johnston 'Cathy's Bells' May 2015  
    'Age of Understanding' May 2015  
    'Little Voice' May 2015  
  with Paul Johnston 'Chasing Cars' May 2015  
    'Station Song' March 2010  
    'The Highline' March 2010  


  Rod Hughes 'Forest Row Girl' November 2009  
  Ron Jameson 'Young Albert, Tail-end Charlie' February 2014  
  Russell Stone 'They Have Stolen My Heart' September 2015  
  Ryan Moss 'You Never Told Me That!' October 2015  
  Sara Hirsch 'Baddum Tsch' September 2015  
    'Play Fair' September 2015  
    'The Proposal' September 2015  
    'Heritage' September 2015  
  Simon Mouatt 'The Powers That Be' February 2013  
  Sophia Blackwell Goodnight Moon September 2009  
  Sorrel Wood 'Catherine of Aragon & Anne Boleyn' November 2014  
  Speech Painter 'The Twat In The Flat' August 2016  
    'My Jehovah Baby' December 2013  
    'All the Things You Can Buy on eBay' December 2013  
    'Who Put The Bomp In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp?' December 2013  
    A Dog's Life August 2010  
    In Time The Truth Will Out September 2009  
  speekezewerdhogge 'Possessed', 'Lovesick Blues', 'Chicliterati', 'AHorse for a Haiku' & 'Marooned' March 2013  
    'My Valentine', 'Conjugation' & 'Just a Kiss' February 2013  
    'From Ragas to Witches', 'Firedance to an Old Flame' & 'Intransigent'  June 2012  
  Spliff Richard 'Big Family' June 2015  
    'A Matter of Perception' June 2015  
    'They Don't Do As They Are Told' June 2015  
    'Nostalgia' June 2015  
  Stella Mandella 'Keyboard Choreography', 'Mr Nice Guy's Number' & 'Good Grief' July 2011  
    From Ropley to Infinity and beyond July 2010  
    Zanita Zazoum February 2010  
    Beauty's Beast February 2010  
    Junior Poets from Portsmouth February 2010  
    After Christmas January 2010  
  Stephen Watts 'Brick Lane' September 2013  
  Steven Ericsson-Zenith 'I Cannot Offer the Mediocre' & 'Vapour from Your Skin' June 2012  
    'Conversations with Mary' June 2012  
    'The Bridge' June 2012  
    'The Touch of Skin' June 2012  
  Steve Pottinger 'Last Train Out of Birmingham on a Saturday Night' February 2018  
    'You Ask Me Where I Want to Live, My Love' February 2018  
    Stabberjocky' February 2018  
    'A Single Step' February 2018  
    'Lampadusa' January 2014  
    'Rebellion' January 2014  
    'Spring' January 2014  
    'Thirteenth Floor' January 2014  
  Steve Tasane 'Anger Management Issues' February 2014  
    'Hoover Dog'  February 2014  
    'Bill Sykes' Bulls Eye' February 2014  
    'What The Dickens' February 2014  
    'Cockney Rhyming Slang'  July 2013  
    'Sis' July 2013  
    Save the Libraries' July 2013  
  Susan Richardson 'Fluke' March 2018  
    'Cartoon' March 2018  
    'Play' March 2018  
    'Plibble' March 2018  
    'Let My Words Be Bright With Animals' April 2015  
    'The White Doe' April 2015  
    'If A Lion Could Speak, We Could Not Understand Him' April 2015  
    'Zoomorphic' April 2015  
    'Nerrivik' September 2012  
    'Blodeuwedd in a Parka' September 2012  
    'The White Dark' September 2012  
    'Metamorphosis' September 2012  
    Defrosting June 2010  
    Thought For The Day June 2010  
    Who's Afraid? June 2010  
  Susan Utting 'Hinged Copper Poem Dress', 'Becoming a Snake',  'Legacy' & 'The Stickler May 2013  
    'Everywhere', 'She's Gone Spanish for Love', 'The Love Witch' & 'For Herself' May 2013  
    'Then', 'Dark Matter in Exploded View, after Cornelia Parker'  & 'My Heart' March 2012  
  Sven Stears 'Hounds' & 'Road Signs & Rocket Ships'     
    'Heroes & Villains' June 2013  
    Poetic Licence May 2013  
    January 2010  
  TARO 'Who Will Raise Their Voice' February 2012  
    'Pearls Across The Sand' February 2012  
    'Ready for the Storm' February 2012  
    'Aslan' February 2012  
  Tasha Finn 'Dumped'  & 'He's Decided to say "I Love You"..'  August 2013  
  Tim Barrow 'Magpie Morning' August 2106  
  Tim Dawes 'The Migration of the Water Boatmen' February 2012  
  Tolu Agbelusi  'Instructions On Going Back Home' May 2016  
    'The Journey Home' May 2016  
    'Recipe For Happiness' May 2016  
  Tom Hughes The Country Oracle' August 2009  
  Tony Dees 'In The Hills Above Malaga' July 2012  
    The Table Turns & Just You and Me, Whisk July 2010  
  Turi 'Bedtime in Our Country' February 2014  
  Wendy Klein 'Her Mustard Suede', 'Piroshka', 'Me In My Ho Chi Minh Sandals' and 'Aunt Ruby's Coats' July 2011  
    On A Road Near Koronovo July 2010  
    Some Midnights April 2010  
    Picnic and Three-dog Night February 2010  

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