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We have pleasure in setting out our Future Programme, in which we have bookings for guest performers for all of 2017

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Tuesday, 21st November

7.15 for 7.30

Attila the Stockbroker



Here's your chance to read/perform your work in front of an audience; to leave the isolation of the garret and come share with us. Write Angle’s monthly open mic offers you the opportunity to air your original funny, clever, silly, witty, crazy, mad, entertaining, and thought-provoking, etc, work.

On the other hand, you may just want to come and listen - but don't be surprised if you find yourself inspired by what you see/hear, and come back another evening, with a poem/story you never thought you could write and ask for a slot to read.

Write Angle’s compere makes every attempt to accommodate everyone but, in the unlikely event that it’s not possible to schedule you in, or you have less time than you might have liked - please come back and try again: your chance will come!

And you needn't worry - Write Angle is prepared to protect its audience members from having to listen to inappropriately abusive material, but thankfully, has not quite had to pull the plug on anyone yet!



A lunatic misogynist billionaire with a nuclear hairdo had a date with a nuclear button in the White House, having received about 3 million votes fewer than his opponent. The UK hurtles towards Brexit after the most virulently xenophobic right wing press campaign in British history and a vote based on a bunch of ‘promises’ which were repudiated the day after the result. (Attila’s no Remain fanatic either) And on a far more positive note Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour wins its biggest share of the General Election vote for 20 years with an unashamedly socialist manifesto!

The world's changing fast, but Attila's been keeping up - and he's more fired up than in his 36 years as a performance poet! He believes he understands why it's all happening. At his gigs all over Europe you will have heard his humourous and hard-hitting take on the momentous events of the last few months - and much more.

He's discovered his deeply personal side, and has been writing poignantly about his family, and recent cancer diagnosis. These evolved into his latest collection ’Undaunted’. He'll also be reading from his fascinating autobiography ‘Arguments Yard’ as well as his songs, accompanied by his trusty mandola, Nelson. All these are bound to make you laugh, cry or get very very angry. Whatever, you can be sure you'll leave still feeling Attila's presence is with you!

For those not aware, Attila was launched into public consciousness by legendary Radio One DJ John Peel in 1982/83. He's toured in 24 countries, done over 3400 gigs and released over 40 CDs/LPs/singles, 8 books of poetry and his autobiography ‘Arguments Yard’.

In the UK and other English speaking countries, he's best known for his spoken word poetry and acoustic songs, but in mainland Europe he's better known as the leader of his band, BARNSTORMER, who have regularly toured Germany, Holland, Austria and Switzerland since forming in 1994. They've done well over 700 gigs. Barnstormer play an energetic and melodic mixture of medieval music and punk and they've released 4 albums of Attila’s compositions. The band line up consists of Jason Pegg – guitar, Cookie – bass, M.M.McGhee – drums and Attila on fiddle, mandola, recorders and vocals.

Along with this very special guest, Write Angle will have its Regular and Popular Open Mic for those of you who'd like to come and share your talents! You don't have to be a star. But if you do want to, you have to start somewhere! Take a step on the WA ladder to fame! Bring your poetry, guitars, music, song...and just enjoy! Or just come and enjoy the evening! We guarantee you won't be disappointed! The gig is at Townhouse Pub/Bistro, 28, High Street, Petersfield, GU32 3JL - 7.15pm for 7.30pm, Entry £6.

The raffle will be for two free meals at an excellent local restaurant . Who knows. You just might win it!

We look forward to seeing you!


LETTER FROM A FAN...............

Hello, delighted to see you have Attila on, and unless I get a drumming gig on that date ( nothing in the diary yet), I'll definately be there.
Attila was an active participant for years along with me, with Climate Camp, the nationwide climate activist organisation: we opposed the use and renewal of coal-fired power stations, additional airport runways, companies and banks investing in environmentally harmful developments like mining, oil-tar sand extraction, fracking, etc-- and also acted to support companies developing improved alternative power technologies and ethical investment....
We in turn supported Attila's own little music- and- beer& cider festival, "Glastonwick", held near hamlet of Wick in the downs north of Lancing, Sussex, working as crowd stewards and environmental cleanup crew.
It'll be great to see him again.
As to agreeing with his political ideas:-- if people don't support them, then they're probably not paying close enough attention to the real world around them! I am currently on the West coast of BC, Canada. Will be back home in a few days, see you soon!





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