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We have pleasure in setting out our Future Programme, in which we have bookings for guest performers for all of 2017

Past Events lists the gigs we have held and provides links to press reviews and pictures


July 2018



Tuesday, 17th July

7.15 for 7.30

Sara Hirsch


Here's your chance to read/perform your work in front of an audience; to leave the isolation of the garret and come share with us. Write Angle’s monthly open mic offers you the opportunity to air your original funny, clever, silly, witty, crazy, mad, entertaining, and thought-provoking, etc, work.

On the other hand, you may just want to come and listen - but don't be surprised if you find yourself inspired by what you see/hear, and come back another evening, with a poem/story you never thought you could write and ask for a slot to read.

Write Angle’s compere makes every attempt to accommodate everyone but, in the unlikely event that it’s not possible to schedule you in, or you have less time than you might have liked - please come back and try again: your chance will come!

And you needn't worry - Write Angle is prepared to protect its audience members from having to listen to inappropriately abusive material, but thankfully, has not quite had to pull the plug on anyone yet!



The first time Sara Hirsch was guest performer at Write Angle, our video master, David Stone, who’s always as silent as his hands are steady, commented:

'She didn't just perform. She exploded. In the audience, she didn't look unusual - but on stage, she took up the whole space. She was exceptional... if you can go from a one string fiddle to a full musical orchestra, she was the Full Orchestra!' David wasn't alone. Many said she was 'brilliant'. She has a freshness and vivacity. They were amazed at her energy and emotive projection! You laugh one moment and feel tearful the next. ..’She’s Real, raw and authentic.’ (TV Bomb)!

We’re pleased to say Sara, will be back with us, Tuesday 17th July. A former UK Slam Champion, third ranked in the World Slam Championships 2014, winner of the European Poetry Slam in Madrid 2016 and a 2017 BBC Slam Finalist, she’s performed at Glastonbury, is a TEDx speaker, featured on the BBC and toured extensively both in the UK & internationally. As one half of 'Team Trending', the runners up in the National Anti-Slam Final 2016, she’s proud to have nearly been officially both the best and worst poet in the UK.

After a 3 year stint running ‘Genesis Slam’ (one of the leading three-round slams in the UK), Sara is setting her sights further afield. Currently splitting her time between hemispheres, she’s just taken on the role of Education Director/associate artist of 'Motif Poetry' in New Zealand. In the coming months she’ll be appearing at numerous literary festivals across the UK, while leading workshops in China, Thailand, NZ and Europe and will be attempting to gradually dismantle the patriarchy, one poem at a time.

Having recently achieved her Masters’, with distinction, in Creative Writing & Education from Goldsmiths University, followed by the acclaimed Spoken Word Education Programme, she worked as poet in residence at a London school while running workshops in schools and communities around the world.

​Her debut poetry collection ‘Still Falling’, (Burning Eye Books), has been described as “Annoyingly good” (Harry Baker) while her second collection 'Louder Than Words', was published with their imprint BX3 in 2017 and endorsed by Michael Rosen.

'I Don't Want an Easy Life', she says, ‘I want it complicated.. to have done everything...have it smack the living daylights out of her. She wants life to mother her; sweep her off her feet. 'If life really does have a meaning, she wants to take the time to find it'....a long convoluted joke, full of mistakes; gritty and difficult to swallow. So awkward, when she gets to the end, she hasn't the energy to do it again.

Sara is one powerful performer, and we have little doubt she'll be up there amongst the best.

We hope you’ll join us for this fabulous performer and of course, bring your own poetry and music for our Open Mic or just come and enjoy.

We’ll be upstairs at Townhouse Pub/Bistro, Petersfield where you can get a good meal all made with local products, if you come an hour before we begin at 7.30. We’ll also have a raffle for two free meals at an excellent local restaurant – which you might just be lucky enough to win!

We look forward to seeing you all and we know you’ll have a real unforgettable evening, so do come and join in on the fun!




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