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  Kate Tym  



Kate loves producing and sharing carefully crafted creations of the spoken word.

She says, " I'm a female and a mother and I (finally!) married. And... I'm a writer! I've finally realised that there really is nothing else I can do and nothing else I want to do. I love words, I love playing with them and moulding them and getting them to say stuff in clever and funny and poignant ways. And I love sharing that with other people."

She worked as a Commissioning Editor at Random House Children's Books before leaving in 1998 to go freelance and concentrate on her own writing.

She writes all the time! She also performs regularly and has a sideline writing bespoke poetry for weddings and other celebratory occasions. So if you're about to get married or just fancy commissioning a Kate Tym poem have a look at her other website and see what she can do for you.


"Entertaining Kate is 'Write' on - Kate Tym write Angle's september evening, proved very entertaining." Petersfield Herald

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