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  Mike Knee


TARO” is Mike Knee, Marie-Claire Greening and Richard Barnes. The band came into being late in 2011

...., in Mike's own words

"....I wear a hat, sing and play a classical guitar - all at the same time! The guitar is an aged Brazilian Giannini played in a folk style, finger picking and strumming. I tried a steel-strung guitar for a few years, but I think I prefer the warmer sound of those nylon strings. I do play bass in a couple of bands, though. And I write songs, compose music and sing in a choir.

.... I was born in the decade of Presley but owe more inspiration to Costello. Better at words than at wiggling about, .... Taught myself to play the guitar at fifteen after giving up trumpet and trombone. Sung in choirs all my life. So I'm a bit of a musical mongrel. I started writing songs again a couple of years ago. I'm proud to be a member of Highly Strung. And I'm excited to be part of Jonathan Thompson's band. Jonathan has just released his new album, Songs of Rapture. I'm playing bass on it, but that's not why it's good!

My own work is a mixture of serious and fun. I find it hard to write songs that don't make you think, so even the "fun" stuff has a hidden political message or two!

Performances: ... mainly at local open mic nights organised by Stiff Promotions and Vic Cracknell, and with Highly Strung..... and as a member of the Free Radicals, Petersfield's 'a cappella' singing group."



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