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Steve Pottinger



Steve has been writing and performing for a long while. And when he's not doing that, he's looking after Ignite Books. Or out earning a living. 

He has been lucky enough to perform all over the country, and no-one's run him out of town yet. Steve has two books of poems published, and another one in the pipeline. His favourite poetry? Engages, challenges, and makes you stop and reflect, maybe all at once. Though there's something to be said for a good rant too. Ask him on a different day, of course, and he might give you a very different set of criteria. Just to keep us all on our toes. 

As well as having published three volumes of poems, Steve's also co-written the best-selling autobiographies of two leading members of the UK punk scene (Steve Ignorant of Crass, and Ross Lomas of GBH).

His first book, 'Shattered', came about when a rep of AK Press heard Steve performing on a 'Chumbawamba tour' of the UK. It's a collection of angry, comic and reflective poems and short stories.
His third book, 'Island Songs' has multiple references but one underlying theme. His granddad came from Orkney, an archipeligo off Scotland's North coat. He visited when his graddad died and was 'blown away by the sense of connection he felt' with Orkney, the UK, (Steve's home), and 'John Donne's quote, 'No man is an island'.

Steve says 'the poems in this book are my songs, my laments and that Orkney or myself – sent out like messages in bottles in the hope they mean something to other people too!' (the book is highly reviewed by Joolz Denby and Boff Whalley).

In addition to having gigged in pubs and clubs, at poetry nights and festivals, 'the length and breadth of the country', he's been a regular performer on the Spoken Word stage at Rebellion punk festival in Blackpool. His set contains a minimum of pogo-ing (knees aren’t up to it), and no spitting (need all the oxygen I can get), but is cheekily irreverent, politically engaged, and shot through with a belief in the remarkable capacity of humanity to leave you open-mouthed in wonder as well as drive you to despair.

His work will make you laugh, and think, and walk out at the end of the night feeling good about life - 'unless you’re the CEO of Starbucks, in which case his poem ‘No-one likes an angry poet’ ….may produce a different reaction!

His poems have been used by comedian Arthur Smith, adopted by the tax reform movement, read out at a poetry festival in Delhi, and - thanks to 'Youtube' - enjoyed around the world.

He has a strong poetic voice and an electrifying stage presence and from his biog, many interesting stories to tell!










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