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    Write Angle was runner-up the Life in Petersfield Arts & Entertainment Awards for 2008 & 2012.
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July '07, a poetry eve was organised to help put a local bistro on the map. Its unexpected success led to Jonathon of The George - to Peter Dew of The Square Brewery, who offered us the 'perfect' room to use. Brian Harris added song/guitar/sound eqpt. Jezz then joined, with his 'soft' style of song/guitar. Since then, Write Angle has progressed beyond all expectation.

" I had enough poetry in school." We hear it over and over! But - after an evening of Write Angle, those same people say, "I had no idea it was like this! It's brilliant!"

So what's the difference? As AF Harrold, one of our performers explained to us, 'Poetry can be 'Page' or 'Stage'.

So, what's 'Stage?' - a delectable combo of acting, comedy and unique style, and it's what our Guest Performers provide - at Petersfield's only Poetry Open Mic & Special Guest Events! Each month, they bring the best of - original poetry/stories/ music/song/dance, instruments - and we combine that with Write Angle's magical guitar player/songster, Jezz, - and, a big dose of Open Mic for everyone! Here's your chance to read/perform, sing, dance, do monologues, duelogues, comedy, try out new routines....whatever - as long as it's original.

Our guests are renowned performance poets, comedians, singers, dancers and instrumentalists, who appear regularly in theatres, cabarets, festivals, on TV and radio, and have had books published.

Their range covers 'quirky to serious - funny to incredibly clever'. And, Write Angle is always ready to try new ideas -from a belly-dancer/singer/ musical evening, to a 'kids poetry performance'. Instrumentalists, comedians, singers, dancers actors, etc are encouraged to use our Open Mic. – Professional Performers, nationally renowned, entertain at each performance. Our evenings are intended for enjoyment and, from audience reaction and packed houses, it must be working! We're booked well into 2019 with performance artists and other pros regularly show up to entertain at our evenings! The quality of open mikers has been very high, proving this area is full of talent, waiting for an opportunity to be seen!

WA also performs at other venues and invites them to ours, but - the basic premise is to provide a platform, mic and audience for everyone; People who've never written, are writing! Those who've never used a mic, are trying it out.

WA won second prize in the '08, '12 & '14 Life in Petersfield Business and Community Awards in Entertainment/Arts.

It's no wonder we perform to packed houses. The room is warm, cosy with high energy; the audience enthusiastic, and the performers, of the highest quality.

Isn't it time you came and discovered for yourself, what makes us so unique. Performances are the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at The Townhouse, Petersfield, GU32 3JL, starting 7.30pm. 5.

We hope to see you there, soon!

love & creativity to all

Leah Cohen










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